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Before you decide to take some action in aim to make your penis larger, take a moment and think carefully, do you really need to do anything. Do you really have undersize penis or is it just matter of self-confidence. If you have a partner, discuss about this, try to talk openly and without shame. If you don’t have partner you can talk to a doctor.

If you have problem to share your thoughts and emotions with a doctor, you can always find web sites talking about this kind of subjects. There you can find out more about other people’s experiences, about proven methods of the penis enlargement.

About Penis Size

Let us give you some basic information about average penis size, about some potential methods of penis enlargement, about proven methods, etc.

If you have decided to do penis enlargement, you probably have an undersized penis or small penis near undersized. Do you know what is the average size of penis? It’s five to ten centimeters without erection and 12.5 to 17.5 when it’s an erection. Measure it! Do you still think you have a problem? If you are sure you have a problem, you should think about methods that are available to you.

If you have enough money and you don’t have a problem with surgeons, needles and knives around your penis you can have a surgery and in a few days, your problems will be gone. If you prefer, you can choose more natural ways.

You may consider one of the penis extenders. Experiences of thousands of men say this is a proven way of getting some results. You can find many websites talking about penis extenders, you can find other people’s testimonies.

What Is A Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a device designed in a way that will help you make your penis larger. Using a penis extender your penis will extend proportionally. It’s important to follow the instruction given in written along with product’s box. Once you start using penis extender you should do it daily until you get results you wanted.

With a penis extender your dick will grow slowly, but for this kind of change, it’s natural to take some time. This is also a natural way of extending a penis, there are no pills to swallow, injections, hormone therapy, surgery or anything similar, it’s all done by nature. Until now there have been no side effects noticed. Earlier in some rare cases, there has been some tissue loss on the penis.

This happened because of the materials used in manufacturing the first versions after that had been changed there have been no problems. You can order your penis extender over the Internet. If you choose this kind of purchase, be careful to choose the right company. Many companies are producing and selling penis extender, be sure to buy from those that are already proven on the market. Learn more at

How Penis Extenders Work

How A Penis extender WorksSo, how exactly does a penis enlargement device work and how come doctors think it’s absolutely safe? After all, you are messing with nature here, or at least this is what many people think. The truth is, our body is incredibly flexible and has no problem adjusting to new conditions whatever those may be.

If you make your body believe your penis needs to be bigger – the cells will just multiply to make it happen, and you will soon observe at least an inch of length and quite some girth added to the original size.

This is the way a typical PE penis stretcher works: it permanently expands the tissues of the penis, which result in more blood entering corpora cavernosa. It’s completely harmless, but you obviously need to trust the right companies manufacturing those devices.

The SizeGenetics extender is one of the possible variants, but you may also try the CE certified and clinically proven x4 penis extender from a renowned medical company, but the most important thing is doing some research of your own: you don’t want to get stuck with just one brand name and refuse an opportunity to find out more about what other brands can offer.

Your very own research into this matter may be just what you need to find out the advantages of every method you examine because in that case, you are sure your choice is the right one long before you make it. One thing you need to keep in mind is that every male has a right to do whatever they deem necessary to feel better about them, and if enlarging your penis does it – you should just go for it.

Is Penis Enlargement Really Possible?

It is a safe bet that most men are unhappy with the size of their penis. Even men who possess a larger than average size penis of 6 inches wish that their equipment was “just a little bit longer.” It is a curious phenomenon that a man endowed with 8 inches wishes that it was 9 inches.

You can imagine how a man with a 4 inch or 5-inch penis feels. Thus, begins the endless search by unlucky men with a small penis for the year for the Holy Grail of true male enhancement.

Can It Be Done?

There are surgical and stretching techniques that can enlarge a man’s penis. Each method can be supported by pills to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. However, pills alone can not achieve male enhancement by themselves.

Most men forgo the option of undergoing the knife to enlarge their penis because of the serious complications that sometimes arise. They prefer the much safer option of penis stretching to get the results they desire.

Penis stretching is accomplished with the use of a stretching or extender device which is supplemented by hand exercises and pills. For you to see any results you will need to use the stretcher for several hours daily over a period of at least three months to give the treatment enough time to achieve male enhancement.

Without a sufficiently long treatment period, it is unlikely that you will gain the length you want. It is important that you regularly and consistently use your extender if you want to see results.

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