Dont Suffer Broken Pipes This Winter

A broken pipe can create a major situation and can occur without warning. The water pipes in your home or business are under constant pressure, and this can result in a crack in the pipe wall once they become weakened. If you should experience a broken pipe or a pipe leak, you need to contact a Professional Aberdeen plumber right away. Trying to fix a leaky or broken pipe yourself could lead to disaster and possible a flood in your home or business.Although the Albuquerque summers are hot, we do get days in the winter where the temperature will drop to freezing or below!
Most homes in the Aberdeen area have Copper pipes installed above the ground and they can frequently break when temperatures drop to near or below freezing.
Most copper pipe leaks occur at a weak point, usually a fitting, a solder joint or if the pipe has a weakness somewhere in it.
How to Prevent Pipe Leaks
If you have copper pipes in your attic, it is important to keep the temperature of your home at at least 65 degrees. Some homes and many businesses have copper pipes on the flat roof. If you have copper pipes on your roof you must insulate them.
Old Pipes Break Easy! Check for Slow Pipe Leaks.
How old is the piping in your home? Once pipes become rusted or start to deteriorate they can burst at any time without warning. In many cases you will spot a slight pipe leak and you must address it immediately! A pipe leak can quickly become a broken pipe and that is where the trouble starts.
If one of your pipes burst, the water damage can ruin your home or business and be very expensive to fix. If you have pipes in your attic and roof it can ruin your ceilings, walls, and eventually your furniture and carpet.
How Can You Prevent a Broken Pipe?
If your home has older pipes you should contact a licensed Aberdeen plumber to come out and inspect your entire plumbing system. If you suspect a leak or experience a drop in water pressure you need to have it inspected and repaired immediately.
MES-FM, offers emergency plumbing services throughout the Aberdeen area that are fast and reliable. When you call us with a broken pipe emergency, we go out of our way to put you on top of our service list and promise to arrive at your house fast and ready to fix your plumbing emergency!

If you have a broken pipe or pipe leak or want to have your pipes inspected contact MES FM today

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