What Are E Cigs all About?

Quick Explanation of E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, are smokeless cigarettes that you can use whenever you have a nicotine craving. With e-cigs, you are capable of getting your nicotine fix at anytime and anywhere! No, it does not produce smoke once inhaled and exhaled. Because it is vapor, you are allowed to smoke it and get your nicotine in almost anywhere!

E-Cig Benefits

How Electronic Cigarettes Can Benefit You

There are many ways Electronic Cigarettes can benefit you whether its for Hygiene, Cost, or convenience. We have listed a few just to show you.

Smoke Anywhere

No smoke, no flame, no ash, and no carbon monoxide! This gives you the power to smoke an electronic cigarette anywhere you want and not worry about harmful second hand smoke, looking for an ash tray, and have an open fire.

No Bad Odors/Breath

Electronic cigarettes have no bad odor. They do not have hundreds of bad chemicals burning away in an open flame producing nasty odors. Your clothes and breath will remain the same as before you smoked. Now you approach your mate with confidence that you don’t stink!

No Tar

Because an e-cig has no tar, your teeth will remain in a much better shape compared to your traditional cigarette. Say goodbye to yellow teeth!

Thousands in Savings

E-cig cartridges cost a fraction of what a pack of cigarettes cost. By making the switch, you automatically enter a world of savings!


KingZing is an electronic cigarette company that offers some very good options for those interested in e-cigs. They have some of the same things other companies and sites have, but they also have their own twist on some of this stuff that sets them apart from the others.

One of the first things that sets them apart is the actual make up of their electronic cigarette. Most e-cigs are made up of three chambers. There is a battery, an atomizer and the nicotine cartridge. When you inhale it activates the e-cig and the battery then powers the atomizer which turns the nicotine in the cartridge into vapor that you inhale. There is no smoke or smell nor is there any of the tar, carbon monoxide or other nasty chemicals that are in cigarettes. Some users say that the vapor is actually so smooth you can inhale more and get more bang for your buck. The potential problem with the three chamber e-cig is that the atomizer wears down with use. The more you use it the more it wears down and the less vapor it creates. KingZing has actually built their atomizers into the nicotine cartridges themselves. This means whenever you put in a new nicotine cartridge you also get a new atomizer so your e-cig will always perform at peak levels and you will always get the maximum amount of vapor.

KingZing also has some great options in their starter kits and their cartridges. The have a few different starter kits to choose from. Some are very basic with an e-cig, charger and some cartridges and others are more advanced with different types of chargers and accessories. Their prices on these kits are a little higher than some other companies, but the design of their cigarette seems better and their cartridges are very fairly priced. When it comes to the cartridges these guys have a lot going on for them. All of their cartridges are available in different nicotine levels that range form zero to 16mg. These, they say, represent unfiltered, lights and ultra lights. What is very cool is that you can order the cartridges in 14 different flavors including cherry, vanilla, regular tobacco, menthol, chocolate and green apple. The prices are very fair and the more you order the better deal you get. When you compare them to the regular cigarettes the price would be around $2.50-$3.00 per pack. For example, each cartridge is about the same as one pack of cigarettes. For $55 you can get 20 cartridges. So it works out to $2.75 per pack. It is a very good deal. They also offer some nice looking carry cases and other basic items like rubber tips that you can put on the end of the cigarette so other people can try them in a sanitary manner.

KingZing seems to have pretty much everything you could want in an e-cig. Their actual cigarette seems like it is better than many others, they have some nice starter kits and their cartridges are very fair priced and come in several strength and flavor options. I really liked what I saw and they do have a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it out without any risk. Their site is very comprehensive and is packed full of information so give it a look.

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