How To Wear A Penis Extender

If you’re a man, chances are you’ve always been questioning the size of your penis and secretly browsing the internet looking for a solution that would help you grow an extra inch or so. Don’t worry, penis size is one of the most haunting issues troubling the modern man, and thanks to many misconceptions about the average size and the distorted image we get from the media (not to mention the adult movie industry), most men are actually underestimating their size.

It turns out that the majority of men who choose to seek any kind of medical help regarding penis size actually fit into the average size group, but tend to see themselves below the average.

What You Need To Know About Penis Extenders

Before ordering penis extenders or growth pills online, take a minute to think whether the problem is really only in your head or you actually have trouble maintaining a satisfactory sexual life. As the proverb goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Most penile enhancement methods are expensive, fluctuating in results and may even cause serious health problems, so think twice whether it’s worth the possible risk. Learn more at

There are dozens of various methods in the penis size enlarging field, but in this article, we’ll stick to penis extenders. Compared to enlargement pills and other supplements this method isn’t as popular, so we’ll try and point out how it really works along with some of the major advantages and disadvantages.

Penis extenders are medical devices used to stretch the muscles and the tissue of the penis through daily stretching routines, resulting in the size increase that is permanent. Various manufacturers have various device designs and features, but the main principle is wearing these extenders daily for a certain amount of time that gets increased gradually until the user is satisfied with the result. The process is slow and can be painful.

First Time Using a Penis Extender

The first thing most men feel when trying penis extenders for the first time is discomfort. Some of these devices are designed to look more like torture devices than something you’d want your private parts trapped in, but that is the price you have to pay. A slight discomfort is something you’ll feel even after using the product for a while because your tissue is getting stretched.

If the discomfort turns into pain, it’s a red light that something is wrong either with the extender or the way you’re using it, and you should stop the routine immediately and contact the manufacturer or the customer service.

Although there have been some scientific proofs on the efficiency of penis extenders, it still depends on the manufacturer and the brand, and results may vary. You can find online testimonies of men who have tried them, but it would be best to check out men’s health forums and read real-life experiences.

If you decide to try this method of penis enlargement, always keep your safety first and stick to the instructions to avoid tissue injury and other health hazards.

Penis Enlargement Basics

Let us give you some basic information about average penis size, about some potential methods of penis enlargement, about proven methods, etc.

If you have decided to do penis enlargement, you probably have an undersized penis or small penis near undersized. Do you know what is the average size of penis? It’s five to ten centimeters without erection and 12.5 to 17.5 when it’s an erection. Measure it! Do you still think you have a problem? If you are sure you have a problem, you should think about methods that are available to you. Learn how to get the best results at

If you have enough money and you don’t have a problem with surgeons, needles and knives around your penis you can have a surgery and in a few days, your problems will be gone. If you prefer, you can choose more natural ways.

You may consider one of the penis extenders. Experiences of thousands of men say this is a proven way of getting some results. You can find many websites talking about penis extenders, you can find other people’s testimonies.

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